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My preliminary NDC 2009 agenda

Torbjørn Marø over at has posted his personal agenda for NDC 2009, and thought it was a great idea. And like all great ideas, they are copied relentlessly.

Day 1

I have some favorites here, but some sessions have stronger competition than others.

10:15 Michael Feathers Seven Blind Alleys in Software Design
11:30 Michael Feathers Working Effectively with the Legacy Code: Taming the Wild Code Base
13:30 Jeremy D. Miller Lessons Learned from a Long Lived Codebase
14:45 Udi Dahan Designing High Performance, Persistent Domain Models
16:00 Udi Dahan Intentions and Interfaces – Making Patterns Complete
17:15 Michael Feathers Design Sense Deep Lessons in Software Design

Day 2

I have intentionally left a couple of spots blank, ‘cause I can’t make up my mind. And unfortunately it has more to do with lack of topics in those particular slots than the opposite.

09:10 Peter Provost The Butterfly Effect
11:30 Ted Neward Extend the Customization Possibilities of your .NET App with Script
13:30 Robert C. Martin Clean Code: Functions
14:45 Ayende Rahien Object Relational Mapping +=2: More than just Data <-> Object
17:15 Robert C. Martin Clean Practice: Agility and Craftsmanship

Day 3

Even though this has some of the most interesting talks, I can live with seeing them later on video. I just don’t want to miss an opportunity to sharpen my saw with Scott Bellware.

Concluding thoughts

Moltke said “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy”. If I rephrase it just a little to “No plan survives contact with reality”, it will properly relay my feelings about my plan on this occasion.

There will probably changes in the official agenda, and I might be infatuated with a speaker or two during the conference. Looking at my list, I sway in the direction of technology-agnostic topics. That sounds about right.

But more important: I’ll see YOU there, won’t I?