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ReSharper messes up your Visual Studio shortcuts

I must start stating I’m a huge fan of JetBrains’ ReSharper for Visual Studio, it certainly makes me more productive in my day-to-day coding tasks.

None the less, today I was just a little bit frustrated when upgrading from 4.0 to 4.1. I have a couple of custom shortcuts which I don’t mind retaining. But ReSharper happily overwrites it all with default settings, which was quite annoying. The least I’d expect would be a message telling me it would (or didn’t I read the setup correctly?) do it, and I’d happily save my settings and restore them after the upgrade.

I see that others have complained as well, and you will find JetBrains official statement here. MS & JetBrains should really figure this out.

So if you’re upgrading ReSharper these days, please back up your VS-settings first!

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Copy Source As Html for Visual Studio 2008

I have been "stuck" in Visual Studio 2005 for a while, but when we now jumped to Visual Studio 2008 recently, I missed a tool I’ve been using to blog my code. As the heading states, this is Copy Source As HTML. They have not released an updated version, but Guy Burstein comes to the rescue with an updated addin.

Reading the comments it can seem to be some different "opinions" about where to put it, but I just made an Addin directory under Visual Studio 2008 in My Documents in Windows XP and extracted it there.

//And it works like a charm!

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