My preliminary NDC 2009 agenda

Torbjørn Marø over at has posted his personal agenda for NDC 2009, and thought it was a great idea. And like all great ideas, they are copied relentlessly.

Day 1

I have some favorites here, but some sessions have stronger competition than others.

10:15 Michael Feathers Seven Blind Alleys in Software Design
11:30 Michael Feathers Working Effectively with the Legacy Code: Taming the Wild Code Base
13:30 Jeremy D. Miller Lessons Learned from a Long Lived Codebase
14:45 Udi Dahan Designing High Performance, Persistent Domain Models
16:00 Udi Dahan Intentions and Interfaces – Making Patterns Complete
17:15 Michael Feathers Design Sense Deep Lessons in Software Design

Day 2

I have intentionally left a couple of spots blank, ‘cause I can’t make up my mind. And unfortunately it has more to do with lack of topics in those particular slots than the opposite.

09:10 Peter Provost The Butterfly Effect
11:30 Ted Neward Extend the Customization Possibilities of your .NET App with Script
13:30 Robert C. Martin Clean Code: Functions
14:45 Ayende Rahien Object Relational Mapping +=2: More than just Data <-> Object
17:15 Robert C. Martin Clean Practice: Agility and Craftsmanship

Day 3

Even though this has some of the most interesting talks, I can live with seeing them later on video. I just don’t want to miss an opportunity to sharpen my saw with Scott Bellware.

Concluding thoughts

Moltke said “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy”. If I rephrase it just a little to “No plan survives contact with reality”, it will properly relay my feelings about my plan on this occasion.

There will probably changes in the official agenda, and I might be infatuated with a speaker or two during the conference. Looking at my list, I sway in the direction of technology-agnostic topics. That sounds about right.

But more important: I’ll see YOU there, won’t I?

  1. #1 by Torbjørn Marø on June 4th, 2009

    I see we want to go to many of the same talks, but as you say it may all change, so we’ll see. Great blog by the way, and thanks for the link!

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