ReSharper messes up your Visual Studio shortcuts

I must start stating I’m a huge fan of JetBrains’ ReSharper for Visual Studio, it certainly makes me more productive in my day-to-day coding tasks.

None the less, today I was just a little bit frustrated when upgrading from 4.0 to 4.1. I have a couple of custom shortcuts which I don’t mind retaining. But ReSharper happily overwrites it all with default settings, which was quite annoying. The least I’d expect would be a message telling me it would (or didn’t I read the setup correctly?) do it, and I’d happily save my settings and restore them after the upgrade.

I see that others have complained as well, and you will find JetBrains official statement here. MS & JetBrains should really figure this out.

So if you’re upgrading ReSharper these days, please back up your VS-settings first!

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